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In return for this favour both the Senate and people will proclaim him Caesar. Se mai d arte fu d uopo, ora l arte s adopri. What can Handel s manipulations of the parody device and other musical codes teach us about the characters of this opera that does not figure in the libretto, but lies hidden between the lines?

Harvard University Press, Pallas, Narcisse Scena 1 Strada di Roma contigua al palazzo imperiale apparata per il trionfo di Claudio Pallante, Narciso Scene 1 A street in Rome close to the imperial palace, prepared for the triumph of Claudius.

Je ne vois pas venir Agrippine, ah, quels tourments! Resurrezione, Rom, April ; Dichter: Die Belohnung meines dankbaren Herrschers übertrifft meinen Verdienst: Qual pensier ti conturba?

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E chi tel vieta? You, who guide the fortunes of illustrious Rome with your wise counsels and with your strong right arms, I come before you, the most unlucky bearer of calamitous tidings: Welche ungewöhnlicher Klang von fröhlichen Trompeten! Noch bestechender ist das Parodieverfahren in Claudios letzter Arie Nr. It is, I do assure you. The same theme is also the basis of the parody, a clumsy declaration of love by the emperor to the youthful Poppea.

Zu regieren bin ich bereit Ich komme, den Lorbeerkranz zu empfangen. Ihre Auswahl wurde gespeichert! Die Rezitative sind von seltener, später nicht mehr erreichter Expressivität. But you, Agrippina, you ll help me?

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To comfort your distresses you see I am ready. Weil die Vorlage für die Nr. N Par ma foi, Seigneur, j attends humblement le salaire promis. I rejoice I know not why, I smile and then I sigh In wild confusion For still I m racked by doubt, And cannot quite cast out The fears that terrify All vows of fickle fate May be illusion. L accolgo qual sovran, non qual amante. An honour which is due you.

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Nothing you ll get from me, All that I hope to see is your destruction. Jetzt, da Pallas erobert ist, gewinne ich auch Narcis. In Venedig war die Situation noch eine andere: Herrscherin, mein Wille hängt allein von dir ab.

Poppea invites Ottone to come to her apartments later on. The argument against Cardinal Vincenzo Grimani, a patron of Handel s and the owner of the Teatro San Giovanni Crisostomo in Venice where Agrippina was first performed, is that he probably did not have much time for a delicate collaboration with a composer, having just been appointed Viceroy of Naples.

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