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Numbered edition of on double vinyl, 3 sides of music, one side a stunning screen print! The series is now streaming on Netflix globally. Rumours go that either the fabled Jimmy Smith or Paul Griffin played the Hammond organ on this record.

When things really begin to ramp up, you'll start looking for a new set of underwear. In the categories of Max Richter, Clint Mansell, Dustin O'Halloran, Cliff Martinez, Johann Johannsson belongs to this generation of composers who combines classical Jools Brooke A Good Clean Fick with electronic music.

Litmus, Andrew Kidmans first avant-garde surf film, served as a soulful reaction to the pop-punk progression that dominated the mainstream. Centred around the heroin subculture of Edinburgh in the s, the film is occupied with surrealism, black comedy, and most importantly - a killer soundtrack. Double vinyl, one record blue, the other black!

Includes music from the game expansions as Teen Fickt Alte Geck. Laquers cut by David Cheppa at Plush Vinyl. A close collaborator with Michael Winner his intricate film scores were also the bedrock of his longstanding relationships with Sam Peckinpah and Clint Eastwood on some of their biggest films.

The result is playful and evocative. Comes with deluxe cover with a printed inner sleeve including original artwork. Mastered for vinyl by James Plotkin. A powerful, subtle, and modern sound that supports and embellishes these stories without being intrusive or overbearing like many horror movies of the era.

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A staple of the dark underbelly of popular cinema that was originally only viewable at arthouse screenings or on the Midnight Movie circuit, Eraserhead is a truly unadulterated offering; and much of its sensation lies beyond the purely visual realm.

Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings. Limited edition of 1, Includes digital download card. Bernstein peels back the ugliness and the darkness of life on the fringe to expose tender and not so tender human feeling.

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Now repressed on vinyl for the first time in 30 years. The stunning album artwork was created by Ryan Brinkerhoff, full of subtle visual detail and interactive pieces, including a die-cut Ocarina window on the jacket's front, a majestic gatefold featuring both Light or Dark sides, and, of course - the finishing crescendo of a shimmering, gold foil-stamped triforce on the back. The Ultimate Vinyl Collection. The original CD cover is represented on side 1 of the full color inner sleeve.

He was also highly-sought after for porn soundtracks. All composed by John Williams, the legendary five-time Oscar-winning composer, this unique collector set is being released just as the latest Jools Brooke A Good Clean Fick in the saga, Star Wars: The album stayed atop the album charts for 24 straight weeks from January to July and stayed on Billboard's album charts for weeks until March Limited edition of vinyl copies featuring previously unreleased songs and bonus tracks not found in the film.

Set in feudal Japan, the wandering ninja mercenary Jubei becomes drawn into the plot of eight demons plotting to overthrow the Shogun. Reissue of the soundtrack to the Jim Henson film featuring David Bowie, returning to vinyl for the first time since its original release. The new album artwork by Rich Kelly is also graciously approved by director Martin Scorsese.

The stark, dusty black and white images put forth are caked with and submerged in a dense jungle of industrial hums, buzzes, screeches and screams.

This new edition on Vinyl Magic record label eventually fills this gap and, except for the front cover image, the artwork has been completely renewed: Not only a classy soundtrack but also a classic of the experimental and free jazz genres.

Limited edition colored vinyl. Continuing with it's soundtrack reissue campaing, UMe will be reissuing this classic soundtrack back on vinyl for In Schwarz Kommen first time in years. Triple LP in trifold sleeve.

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