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She focusses on her music, and actually receives a certain amount of recognition for it. You let them grow up in a dysfunctional family, of course!

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He gives her all the attentions she could ever wish for. So Nele pretends to be independent. Weekly, she has a conference call with the Board Of Pelgian Love Affairs, in which she reports what her Quest for Love has thought her. And since she is not really famous yet, he brings in most of the money. She falls in love. Crying, then more crying, then crying in downward facing dog. But Nele starts to feel more and more trapped.

By this time, Nele and Darcy are living together.


On some concerts, more than three people show up — which is great for London. He has been waiting patiently. Yeah, Peter might be all over her now, but what if a twenty-year-old robot called Vulvella comes his way in a couple of decades? Besideshe pays the rent. No heartbreak is ever going to get you down again, she says to herself.

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In the end, Nele breaks up with Darcy. After a serious conversation with the Board, who know what Peter is up to, Nele realizes that he will never be in love with her, for he is, irreversibly, in love with himself. He seems to genuinely like her. To the great joy of the aliens, Nele turns out to be very hardworking — maybe a little bit too hardworking, actually.

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But after at least two and a half days of lovebombing, and some persuasion by The Board, Nele gives Nur Ein Bisschen Gereibe. The Pelgians are having a great laugh. The relationship is going so great, Darcy is such a good guy with such clean teeth… Nothing is happening!

Nele does not want them to fall in love with her CV — she wants somebody to Alien Fuck Woman for her alien soul. When she gets on stage, Nele notices something peculiar. In fact, they discovered Earth millions of years ago, and they often look at it trough their giant double-mirror telescope called The Waffle.

She has to go live back with her mom, who is also single and playing darts on a picture of Alien Fuck Woman. This romance is so good for her confidence! This is how she hears about something white women in yoga pants call Buddhism.

Nele is skeptical at first. Nele is just repeating the same thing over and over and over again. And who might that be? Humans are a great source of entertainment for Pelgians. But Nele does not want to give this up. The Pelgians wonder too. A couple of months into this relationship, viewer ratings drop again. Because Darcy is ugly enough not to frighten her with the risk of ever breaking her heart, Nele and Darcy start dating.

Nele looks and acts completely human. Almost twenty years later Nele lives in London. She is her own woman now. Nele and Peter get involved in a romance where they see each other regularly, often at night, often accompanied by a bottle of wine and pompous stories about running away one day, to somewhere far.

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